IncrediFlash Website Template 1.04 - IncrediFlash Website Template 1.04


IncrediFlash Website Template 1.04

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IncrediFlash Website Template 1.04: Zusammenfassung

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Dateigröße: 25214K Flatform: Any Platform Liscense: Shareware Preis: $49.95 Download-Zahl: 10 Datum: 2010-02-09 Verlag: Michael Shawn Verlag URL:

IncrediFlash Website Template 1.04: Beschreibung

Build a Flash website from selection of professionally designed template without the need to use Adobe Flash.
Not everyone is a professional web developer who are able to use a complicated software such as Adobe Flash to customize their templates. IncrediFlash Website Template comes with a free Editor to customize your template. It is designed with ease of use in mind. You do not need any previous multimedia/website development skill to use it.
A standard customization process only takes approximately 5 minutes.
IncrediFlash Website Template can be publish into a Flash and HTML file, exectuable file and an autorun CD-ROM (electronic business card). No other flash website template offer this many publishing possibilities.
Change text, photos and page titles. Change text font settings (bold/italic/font name, size, color, alignment). Delete unwanted objects. Add, remove and reorder pages. Add a new text and photos. Change websites music. Adding a sub pages. Add click action to a text and a photo object to open a bigger photo/other website. Cropping photo and applying photo effect. And many more...
When you purchase an IncrediFlash Website Template, you are entitled to a FREE 75MB FTP account to test drive your flash website. The editor has a built-in FTP client to upload your flash website easily.

IncrediFlash Website Template 1.04: Screenshot

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